Energy Wasted

By Coalition Board Member David Tompos

Forty percent of all energy in the United States is consumed by the “built environment”; homes, factories, offices, every structure imaginable. Now ask yourself this question:  What would the total economic impact be if the owners of these structures could reduce their costs by 40%? I’m sorry but I don’t have the calculation done for you. But I would ask you to think about what this picture might look like. The savings flow directly to the bottom line, these are hard dollars that can be used to generate future economic activity.

Your attitude may be that this is pie in the sky thinking of some environmentalist dreamer. Actually, this is hard data from the sustainability reports of the global corporate sector. That’s right, companies have reduced their energy and water usage by an average of 40% after the 5th year of implementing their sustainability plans and projects.

For the dreamers reading about this, it wasn’t done with wind and solar power for the most part. In almost all cases all it took was a bold goal, and a focused effort to reduce energy and water usage using existing technology

There are tremendous savings available to organizations both large and small, just by understanding sustainability and then setting goals and plans to improve resource efficiency. The beauty is that the pursuit of these energy efficiency projects also generates economic activity so vital to getting our economy moving again. Contractors, equipment manufacturers, and employees focused on the big bold goal of reducing what you pay for utilities.

Join us on Friday July 22nd at the Nappanee Library and discover how your company or organization can take the first simple steps towards energy & resource efficiency. Together we can strengthen our businesses are generate long term benefits to the environment, community, and economy.

One thought on “Energy Wasted

  1. Thanks to all the local business and service organization that came to our workshop on Friday.
    At the workshop, Board Member David Tompos challenged our group to think about setting energy efficiency goals that could lead to a 40% savings on utility bills.

    To help you reach that goal we talked about the key component of a commercial energy evaluation which includes more then just looking at light blubs! Your organization also needs to consider the following:

    1) Energy Usage History
    2) Building Construction and Envelope
    3) Lighting Efficiency
    4) Heating and Cooling Efficiency
    5) Water Efficiency
    6) Equipment
    7) Stewardship

    And remember – to start out it’s all about using existing technology and tools to achieve those energy savings. From air sealing with window and door spray foam to converting your current Exit Signs to LED light bulbs, your first steps should be all about capturing what we call the “low hanging fruit”. And as we heard from the organizations in our group – the savings from these simple steps goes straight to the bottom line.

    Just to illustrate what’s possible with energy efficiency – the recent retrofit of The Empire State Building generated $4.4 million dollars a year in energy savings (38%), a 3.3 year payback!

    So Good Luck to all the local business and services organizations who are going out and capture that savings. If you need more tips or want more information on energy efficiency tools – please let us know. We are here to help!

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