3 Elkhart County companies join the sustainability conversation

We are excited to welcome three local companies to The Coalition. They join our current business members as sustainability leaders in the community. We look forward to sharing their stories with you!

ATC is finding ways to save $$$ and energy by installing high-output lighting throughout their plant. Next up is an evaluation of the HVAC system for energy and cost savings.

Hertler System’s is getting everyone engaged in the company’s sustainability efforts. They have an employee-led paper recycling effort and they recycle all out-of-service computer hardware. Hertzler is also involved in a tree planting project to offset carbon production.

Long known in the community as a leader in energy efficiency, McCormick Motors has the data to prove it!  Since 1998 the company has implemented 22 energy saving and 17 recycling initiatives. While expanding by 80% MCormick Motors has reduced gas consumption by 60%, kept electric consumption at 1998 levels, reduced liquid waste by 99% and reduced solid waste by 50%.

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