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April’s Meeting:

On April 28  at the Elkhart Environmental Center we looked into auditing strategies for your company’s waste and water impacts.

Much of the discussion this month centered around water with some discussion about waste to set up a sequence of meetings to dive deeper into waste audits, energy audits and dealing with behavior change during upcoming meetings. Through our progress at BCA in becoming auditors for the Water Benefit Standard we have recently been exposed insightful to webinars, trainings and conferences. We want to bring some of that useful information to Coalition members that are interested in Water Footprinting for internal use or external – such as Disclosure Projects or for members with supply chains that spread to potentially water risk regions. This is especially useful if your supply chain consists of agricultural products.

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March Meeting Recap:

Last month we discussed how to begin the planning stage for your company’s sustainability program. The planning stage consists of baselining your company. This means starting with determining your environmental impacts by auditing business activities based on energy, waste and water use implications.  In addition, we introduced our concept for a Materials Exchange program which would be a program to make your company’s waste another company’s useful inputs. We will be continuing this discussion during future gatherings.

For more information on the March meeting check out the presentation slides on our Resources page.

More information on The Coaltion:

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