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Thank you to all that were able to join us for our kick-off meeting on January 28th. 

Our first meeting began with Mike Keen of IUSB presenting on the principles of sustainability. Followed by a framework for implementing sustainability measures in a company, this led to insightful conversations between our guests from Robert Weed Plywood, Kik Custom Products, Challenger Door, Manchester Tank and Elkhart Environmental Center.

Looking forward to February’s Meeting:

Kristin Eby of Summit Brands in Fort Wayne will be joining us. She is the Regulatory and Sustainability Specialist for Summit Brands.  She will tell us her story of how Summit Brands dealt with Wal-Mart sustainability surveys and what she has learned while working to form a green team within the organization.

Join us February 24th, 8:00 – 9:30 AM at the Elkhart Environmental Center.

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More information on The Coaltion:

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